James Brown

composer and sound designer for film, television, theatre, dance, VR, video games and animation

“The Sound Design of James Brown, has his imagination engaging like a sorcerer, sound and technical inventions from a multitudinous resource, thrusting the work forward propulsively and harnessing it, extraordinarily, within the atmospherics of mythical time, and still, yet, vibrating the constant evolutionary forces of the present. The aural impact was immersive and massive. I felt, was affected, to be a witness to a beginning of it 'all' in Time Present and Time Past, at once. The sense of TIME connect, association, with the fictional explanations of our homo sapiens ancestors as to the origins of nature, and the importance of the mist, water, still, now, nurturing the earth, underlined my seeping (once unconscious) panic as to its value and fragility in the eco-balance of our present days.”

Kevin Jackson - review of Tangi Wai

“Attention must be drawn to the pitch-perfect contribution of sound designer and composer James Brown. He has created an accompaniment that works like a film score, with naturalistic sound and sudden surges of emotional music. There’s a brilliant synergy between all the production elements: Michael Hankin’s set, Matt Cox’s lighting and James Brown’s sound design and compositions. They’re not only in step, but support one another beautifully.”

Ben Neutze - review of Lake Dissapointment

“James Brown’s sound design is low fi and similarly powerful: a tray of scattered pebbles becomes the sound of Ham’s feet trudging through gravel to find Ash’s upturned car; popping bubble wrap recreates the crackling fire lit while they wait for the ambulance. A tiny gem, hewn from the vast landscape it so lovingly describes, Broken is highly recommended.”

Polly Simons - review of Broken

“James Brown's electronic soundscape takes us from threatening deep decibels to silence with great subtlety.”

Jill Sykes - review of A Faint Existence